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Yipit is the technology layer for sales and deals. Aggregating, structuring and personalizing this complex space is an extremely challenging problem, and we’re just getting started. To do so we’ve built one of the strongest teams in New York.

YipitData - Data Product Analyst

Are you an analyst in a consulting or finance program who wants to run your own company one day?

YipitData is a rare startup where you can leverage an analyst skillset to be a core contributor to the business.

We work with the largest hedge funds to analyze data that publicly traded companies create online. Our goal is to determine key metrics and points of inflection for every public internet company today and the 15 new ones that IPO each year. We are building the future of data driven investment research.

The Product Analyst program at YipitData provides experience in:

  • Programming: You’ll learn to code and contribute to all aspects of the development process, from design and implementation to deployment and monitoring
  • Product Development: Build new products and learn how to create something out of nothing
  • Data: Work with massive amounts of proprietary data on the performance of important companies. Your comfort with manipulating large data sets and deriving meaningful insights from them, without losing sight of the details, will be critical
  • Sales: Sell products you develop and be responsible for your own P&L
  • Marketing: Collaborate with major media outlets like WSJ and Bloomberg

We are a team of analysts and engineers developing a critical entrepreneurial skillset. Ideal candidates are likely at a leading consultancy, investment bank, or technology company.

Compensation includes equity, highly competitive salary and excellent benefits.

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YipitData - Data Systems Engineer

YipitData develops clever ways to learn about businesses from online data. We specialize in acquiring this difficult to obtain but extremely valuable information through modern, large-scale technology. We are profitable, VC backed, and our clients include the largest funds on Wall Street.

We are profitable, VC backed, and our clients include the largest funds on Wall Street. Our goal is to predict quarterly financial performance and identify long-term inflection points for every public internet company. There are over 100 such companies today that create meaningful data, and 15 new ones go public every year.

We are building the premier destination for understanding data about important companies. We think this is the future of investment research.


  • Python + Redis + MySQL
  • Continous integration with Travis CI and Buildbot
  • Continuous deployment
  • Cloud hosting in AWS with Cloudformation and Chef
  • "Automate the boring stuff"


  • Conscientious about assumptions baked into a system
  • Critical eye for small things that "seem off"
  • Disdain for inefficient processes (you often find yourself complaining about elevator algorithms)
  • Curiosity to dig deep into issues that you don't fully understand

Your first day will consist of:

  • Fresh bagels (is there any other way to start a new job in NYC?)
  • Unwrapping your new MacBook
  • Your first commit (adding yourself to our about page)
  • Your first production rollout (this is automatic since we practice continuous deployment)
  • Introduction meetings with team members from across the company
  • Learn about our different products by going through the codebase with another engineer
  • Welcome drinks!

Your first week will involve training for the following:

  • Overview of our infrastructure
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Web Extraction
  • Introduction to Sell Side Research
  • Introduction to Outsourcing
  • Overview of our internal libraries that allow us to quickly develop new products

Within three months of joining, you will:

  • Investigate and evaluate the potential for new data products
  • Help write the technical spec for a new data product
  • Take primary ownership for the development and maintenance of that product
  • Configure the servers in the production environment for this product
  • Work with data analysts to refine the resulting data from this product
  • Start to contribute back to the shared libraries we use across products
  • Pair program with data analysts on smaller projects
  • Help in recruiting more data engineers

We offer highly competitive salary, equity, and excellent benefits. Yipit promotes strong engineering and company cultures; candidates should be excited about being a part of a fast growing start-up.

We are highly selective and believe this position will not fit all engineers, however, we can make decisions very quickly. Send your GitHub, LinkedIn or equivalent to