Yoshinoya Coupons

Yoshinoya Coupons 2014

Over a century ago, Eikichi Matsuda opened Yoshinoya Restaurant in Tokyo. The menu included scrumptious meals that attracted local customers in the Nihonbashi Fish Market. The small restaurant has now expanded international with over 1,500 restaurants. The restaurants are now in the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries. The low economical cost for meals, discounts and specials have made Yoshinoya a great success.

Yoshinoya Menu Items

Yoshinoya serves a variety of bowls, soups, kid’s meals, specialties, drinks and desserts. The best menu item is the Grilled Fish plate served with a flaky fresh water fish that’s low in calories; coleslaw or vegetables; and a sauce (Ponzu or Teriyaki). The bowls including the beef, Teriyaki; chicken, vegetable, and Yaki Udon are delightful and healthy. The restaurant offers an assortment of soft drink to serve with meals.

Yoshinoya Coupons 2014

Members of the Bowler Club at Yoshinoya Restaurant receive all sorts of benefits just for joining. Printable coupons and offers are delivered directly to your email inbox. The restaurant gives coupons and birthday gifts. You only have to sign-up to become a member and learn the latest restaurant news. Visit the restaurant and present your coupon to receive deals and occasionally free menu items with the purchase of another item.