Wendy's Coupons

Wendy's Coupons

Wendy’s Coupons 2014

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, opened his 1st Wendy’s location back in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. He refused to compromise in his intent to serve delicious, quality foods. Unlike his competitors that were serving previously frozen beef burger patties, he lead the way in providing customers with fresh, made to order hamburgers. Today, customers still count on that when they visit one of the 6500 locations to enjoy the Wendy’s menu that now includes much more than just burgers.

Wendy’s Menu Items

At Wendy’s, they frequently introduce limited time offer special menu items that peak the interest, and the appetite of their customers. However, since the early beginnings, their famous square burgers remain the favorite of new and loyal long time customers. The Frosty is also a staple at Wendy’s, and is now served in many locations in a waffle cone. Additional menu items include healthy wise salads, fries, chicken strips and more. Synonymous with great value, fresh taste and high quality - Wendy’s remains a leader of their time.

Wendy’s Coupons

For discounts, specials and printable coupons, customers can visit the Wendy’s website or social media streams. Coupons are an excellent way to enjoy the great taste of Wendy’s at an even lower cost.

Wendy’s is committed to consistently providing their customers with foods they enjoy, served hot and fresh.