Waffle House Coupons

Waffle House Coupons 2014

In 1955 the Waffle House Restaurant was organized serving fluffy and delicious waffles loved by millions of Americans. For nearly 58 years the open-kitchen restaurants have prepared the best breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The Waffle House is open twenty-four hours everyday (Monday – Friday). Most restaurants have a music juke box to listen to songs and relax while enjoying a meal. If you are a regular customer, sign up to the Waffle House e-mail club and receive specials on meals and other menu items.

Waffle House Delicious Menu Items

The Waffle House breakfast, lunch and dinner menu includes southern tasting foods and beverages. The restaurants are famous for its waffles and omelets. The breakfast menu has over 40 items including hash-browns, eggs, chop steak, T-bone, grilled chicken, sausage, ham and bacon. The lunch and dinner menu features Texas melts, Angus burgers, steaks, wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts.

Waffle House Coupons 2014

The Waffle House e-mail Club is an excellent way to receive coupons, restaurant news and discounts. There are printable coupons available online to save on various promotional menu items. E-mail Club members are able to enter 2014 and 2014 contests offered to valued customers. To enter contests, members must be eighteen years of age and to become a member thirteen years of age. Come and see how millions of dedicated customers have enjoyed the Waffle House for five decades.