Toppers Pizza Coupons

Toppers Pizza Coupons

Toppers Pizza Coupons 2014

The growing American pizza restaurant, Toppers Pizza opened its doors in 1991by founder Scott Gittrich. There are approximately fifty restaurant locations in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas and other Midwestern destinations. Toppers make available to customers online a downloadable menu containing scrumptious pizzas, quesadillas, wings, and dipping sauces. Selected locations offer deliver services, catering, and weekly discounts or specials. Customers can conveniently order online for delivery or place orders by telephone.

Toppers Pizza Menu Items

Toppers Pizza menu items consist of a selection of pizza toppings, quesadillas, topper-stix, sauces and toasted grinders. There is something for veggie and meat lovers to select including buffalo chicken, sausage, pepperoni, vegetables, and Philly cheesecake. For starters, the bacon, cinnamon, berry, taco, and pepperoni topper-stix with dipping sauce are perfect. The grinders make great lunch sandwiches and are available in Philly cheese steak, BBQ beef or Italian sausage.

Toppers Pizza Coupon Offers 2014

Toppers Pizza coupon offers for 2014 can be found online on various websites. Specials and printable coupons may differ according to restaurant locations. When customers register on Topper’s website, coupons and weekly deals are emailed. Search the web for promotional deals on menu items such as, one pizza and Triple topper-stix for $9.99. Customers can add a 2 liter Sprite, root beer, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola or Mello Yellow beverage for only $2.00.