The Original Pancake House Coupons

The Original Pancake House Coupons 2014

The Original Pancake House was created in the state of Oregon in the early1950s. The owners founded the restaurant and introduced luscious pancake recipes. There are over one hundred restaurants that serve gourmet crepes, waffles, meats, pancakes, omelets and other items. The restaurant chain has grown tremendously over the years in the U.S. and is now in Asia. Each year the Original Pancake House serves millions of menu specials.

The Original Pancake House Menu Items

Let’s discover what is offered on the Original Pancake House menu. The restaurants serve the original pancake, eggs, omelets, fruit, juices, meats, and specialties. The pancakes are offered in buttermilk, potato, sourdough, Swedish, blueberry, Hawaiian and banana. If customers prefer waffles; try the plain, bacon, apple, pecan or strawberry. The waffles and pancakes can be served with your favorite meats; ham, bacon, sausage patties or corn beef hash.

The Original Pancake House Coupons 2014

To learn more about the Original Pancake House specials, send an email online. Consumers can search the internet for printable coupons and discounts. Contact your local restaurant to ask about coupons and other offers. Most promotional offers are posted on the website for customers to view. Visit the restaurant for breakfast and taste the gourmet French, continental, fresh fruit or Mandarin crepes.