Taco Johns Coupons

Taco John’s Coupons 2014

Taco John’s restaurant was opened in 1968 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and received franchises in 1969. The restaurant was founded by Harold Holmes and James Woodson. Today there are restaurants in Nebraska and South Dakota. Orders are prepared quickly for those on the go needing a fast meal. With over 400 restaurants in more than 21 states, the restaurant chain is proven to be a success. TJ’s club members are eligible to receive free menu items and discounts for signing up.

Taco John’s Menu Items

Enjoy one of Taco John’s breakfast or combo meals included on the menu. The items consist of burritos, tacos, desserts, snacks, sides, and beverages. Locals can enjoy any item for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Try one of the Taco Bravo or Quesadilla melt combo items. Each combo includes a beverage and Potato Oles. The tacos are prepared in a soft or hard shell. Add a nacho, chili, or chip & Queso side to complete your meal.

Taco John’s Coupons 2014

Join the Taco John’s Club and receive a free burrito, deals, coupons and discounts. Members are rewarded with birthday surprises, such as printable coupons or specials. The benefits include free items, promotions, low cost menu items, and news. Provide a mobile number to receive special offers through text.