Subway Coupons

Subway Coupons

Subway Coupons 2014

There are so many restaurants which offer sandwiches across the globe, but not the way Subway does. With Subway, you get to try the best tasting sandwiches there are, and you still couldn’t get enough of them. Their sandwiches are so stuffed with such delightful ingredients that you will surely ask for more.

Subway’s History

Who said going to college is the only key to success? Apparently, Fred Deluca proved that notion wrong, because instead of going to college, he listened to the advice of his good friend, Peter Buck, to open a submarine sandwich shop in 1965. The shop was originally called Pete’s Super Submarines and became Subway in 1968. It grows so fast and has become so popular that as of early 2011, Subway is already operating 39,282 restaurants located in 102 countries.

Subway’s Menu and Coupons 2014

Although Subway’s menu varies depending on the restaurant’s location, their signature dishes still include Subway Melt, Chicken Teriyaki and Roasted Chicken Breast. Their menu may also include the classics (including ham, tuna, Spicy Italian and Veggie Delite), favorites (including Italian B.M.T. and Sliced Chicken and Ham) and premium (including Roast Beef, Steak and Cheese and Subway Club). They also offer cookies, chips and salad.

Their dishes are simply appetizing. Subway is so dedicated to providing their diners the best sandwiches that they refuse to settle for regular food taste; otherwise, they wouldn’t be known for the lusciousness of their sandwiches worldwide.

If there’s a way to purchase their sandwiches at more affordable rates, will you go for it? Of course, you will! If you want the latest updates on Subway’s promos, specials and discounts, just go to their official website at You may also sign in to their Facebook page for available printable coupons, including two subs at a discounted price. For other coupons, you may simply type in “Subway coupons 2014” in the search engines, and you’ll find other websites offering the same great deals.

Visit the nearest Subway, and avail of these limited offers. Just imagine the amount of money you’ll be able to save. There are now more reasons to treat your family and friends with the best sandwiches only Subway can offer you.