Starbucks Coupons

Starbucks Coupons 2014

The first Starbuck’s Coffee opened in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in 1971, offering fresh-roasted coffee beans. Future Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz first visited Starbuck’s in 1981, and joined the company a year later. It was when Schultz returned from a trip to Italy in 1983, inspired by the country’s vibrant coffee bars, that the Starbucks we know today started to come together. Schultz initially left Starbucks and started his own chain of Italian-style coffee bars, but returned in 1987 to purchase the company.

Since then, Starbucks has become the world’s premiere coffee retailer, with a whopping 18,000 locations in 62 countries.

Starbucks Menu Items

Starbucks serves a variety of premium coffee and espresso options, including lattes, cappuccinos, and signature Frappaccino frozen coffee drinks, as well as a selection of teas, smoothies and Refreshers energy beverages. Starbucks also serves premium baked goods and breakfast and lunch items, including oatmeal, paninis, salads, and Bistro Boxes. Starbucks also offers premium ice cream by the pint. Vegetarian options and kid-friendly choices, including specialty beverages for kids, are available.

Starbucks Coupons 2014

Frequent Starbucks customers can earn free food and drinks with their Starbucks Card or free Starbucks mobile app, earning “stars” with every purchase. Card holders also receive a free food or drink item on their birthday. Register on by clicking on “Card” on the home page. Opt-in for emails to receive special offers.