Saladworks Coupons

Saladwork’s Coupons 2014

Gourmet chef, John Scardapane founded Saladworks in 1986 to give consumers an alternative for meals. Salad lovers enjoy the restaurant’s fresh salad entrees made with vegetables and premium meats. Customers who want a complete meal can have a salad with a wrap, soup and/or sandwich. Saladworks is considered as one of the top salad restaurants in the United States. The restaurant offers specials for dine-in and take-out orders.

Saladwork’s Menu Items

The healthiest menu is offered at Saladworks with more than 50 ingredients to create your own salad. Saladworks serve fusion sandwiches, wraps, soups, and Panini. The sandwiches are prepared with bacon, ham, chicken or turkey. It’s served on focaccia bread with your choice of tomatoes, romaine, cheddar, Monterey Jack, or sweet cheese. As a club member, customers can save with coupons and receive free menu items.

Saladwork’s Coupons 2014

Saladworks fan club helps valued customers to save on menu items. How does the Fan Club work to receive discounts? The club members must sign up and provide an email address. Once you receive your club card, register and activate it as soon as possible. As a member, printable coupons are emailed during promotions of new items and coupons can also be retrieved online when surfing the internet.