Rainforest Cafe Coupons

Rainforest Café Coupons 2014

Described as part restaurant and part adventure, the Rainforest Café promises visitors “a wild place to shop and eat,” and there’s no shortage of entertainment with this restaurant. With over 26 locations nationwide, Rainforest Café is famous for its theme park-like attractions inside – animatronic animals, jungle landscaping and kitschy décor. Kids are encouraged to explore the restaurant as if they were on safari, and take part in special activities while they’re there. The food selection at Rainforest Cafe is also decidedly entertaining, with a wide range of plates and, of course, an extensive children’s menu.

Rainforest Café Menu Items

At Rainforest Café, visitors can choose from an array of creative entrees and tropical appetizers. The chefs have designed new and appealing versions of lunch and dinner faves like pastas, burgers, seafood, steaks and chicken, along with colorful exotic salads. To top off a journey to this jungle paradise, the Sparkling Volcano dessert is required for bragging rights.

Rainforest Café Coupons 2014

Rainforest Café has ample discount offers to tempt customers. AARP members save 10% on food and non-alcoholic beverages; and by joining Landry's Select Club, participants earn cash rewards and retail discounts.

To see Rainforest Café’s menu and find discount coupons, visit their official website at www.rainforestcafe.com, and like their Facebook page for more offers: www.facebook.com/officialrainforestcafe.