Raging Waters Coupons

Raging Waters Coupons

Raging-Waters Coupons 2014

Raging-Water’s theme parks receive thousands of patrons yearly in Sacramento, San Dimas and San Jose, CA destinations. The theme park was discovered in 1983 and is considered as one of the largest theme parks in California. Families and couples visit the park to explore the exciting and adventurous water rides and slides. There is something to do for young children, teenagers and adults. Raging-Waters Theme Park offers discounts, specials and coupons to consumers when providing promo codes that are accessible on the web.

Raging-Water’s Attractions

The attractions at Raging-Waters Theme Park includes the cliffhanger and tube & body slides and rides. Relax and enjoy the sun on Breaker Beach wave pool that creates wave pattern stimulation while riding tubes. There is a volleyball court in the warm sand for active individuals who enjoy the sport. Families with small children can have fun in the play area that contains nine slides. The park contains dining and snack areas to enjoy hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken tenders, fries, ice cream, soft drinks, shakes, smoothies and much more.

Raging-Water’s Deals 2014

To receive promo offers, patrons are advised to sign up on Raging-Water’s website to receive printable coupons, specials and discounts on rides and food. Tickets are offered to patrons at 20% discounts and meals are offered at bargain prices. When customers find online promo offers online, write down the promo code to enter on the website when purchasing tickets. Various websites promote Raging-Waters Theme Park and have accessible promo codes for various tickets and packages. Visit Raging-Water’s website today and learn more about the hours the park is open and present promotions.