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Ponderosa Steakhouse Coupons 2014

Ponderosa Steakhouse was founded in Kokomo, Indiana in 1965; in 1997, Ponderosa united with Bonanza, the steakhouse chain started by Dan Blocker (“Hoss” on TV’s “Bonanza” -- which was set on the fictional Ponderosa Ranch) in 1963. The two restaurants operate under a single brand, often in the same market.

Ponderosa Steakhouses are located nationwide.

Ponderosa Steakhouse’s Menu Items

Ponderosa offers steaks and casual dining-style food with the efficiency of a fast food restaurant. The menu is simple, with a focus on steak (sirloin, ribeye and T-bone, as well as premium medallions), served with a baked potato. Other menu items include grilled chicken, fried shrimp and tilapia. Take out, a kids’ menu and senior special are available.

Ponderosa Steakhouse Coupons 2014

Coupons and promotions are available on Ponderosa’s website, ponderosasteakhouses.com. Click on “Promotions” from the main page to access them The Ponderosa eClub offers coupons and promotions. To sign up, click on “eClub” on the main page.