Pizza Factory Coupons

Pizza Factory Coupons 2014

The history of Pizza Factory goes back to 1978 in Oakhurst, California when the first restaurant was opened. There are now more than 110 franchised restaurants in the United States including Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. The restaurants are successful and the franchise continues to grow. The company’s mission is to serve quality pizzas using fresh ingredients and to support communities. Receive specials and discounts on extra large, large, medium, small and mini size pizzas.

Pizza Factory Pizza Items

The Pizza Factory serves pizzas, salads, soup, bread sticks, pasta, deli sandwiches, calzone, soft drinks, beer, wine, and desserts. The pizzas are offered in five slice sizes and in specialty, gourmet and chicken. Pizza Factory has an extensive salad bar for small and large orders. Eat all you can eat with the large salad bar orders and enjoy the Antipasto, Tuna, Caesar, Greek Taco and chicken salads. For starters, try the breadsticks, chicken wings or soup.

Pizza Factory Coupons 2014

Pizza Factory restaurants offer coupons at selected locations in the United States. With internet searches, consumers can find deals and sometimes printable coupons. Call your local pizza restaurant and ask about special offers. Dedicated customers are valued at Pizza Factory and receive promotional items at economical prices. Enjoy your meal with a cool and refreshing beverage.