Pita Pit Coupons

Pita Pit Coupons 2014

Pita Pit started franchising in Canada during 1997 and has expanded international to the United States and other countries. The restaurant serves lean meats, fresh vegetables, toppings and sauces on Lebanese pitas. The sandwiches are much healthier than the typical burgers, hotdogs and sub sandwiches. No high calorie breads when eating at Pita Pit. Consumers can now join the Pita Pit rewards program to collect and redeem points for discounts and specials on menu items.

Pita Pit Menu Items

Pita Pit restaurant’s menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner pitas in white or wheat. For breakfast the selection of pitas are ham & eggs, eggs & bacon, chicken, or sausage & eggs. Customers may select toppings, cheeses and sauces of his or her choice. The meat pitas are served with ham, chicken, turkey, Philly steak, tuna or ribs. For a cool treat, try one of Pita Pit’s Smoothies; the Mango Tango, Banana & Berry, Berry, or the Blue Bayou.

Pita Pit Coupon Offers 2014

Regular customers are invited to participate in the rewards program offered by Pita Pit. Register your Pita Rewards Card online to receive coupons and 2014 offers. Create your new account and begin receiving printable coupons and points on purchased menu items. Most items on the menu are affordable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.