Pinkberry Coupons

Pinkberry Coupons 2014

Pinkberry, a yogurt bar restaurant was created in 2005. In less than nine years the restaurant grew to over one hundred and seventy establishments. Visit your nearby yogurt bar in the United States, South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The franchise continues to grow internationally, serving great tasting smoothies and shakes. Start saving today after signing up to the Pinkcard Loyalty Program and receive coupons and discounts.

Pinkberry Menu Items

The Pinkberry offers a variety of frozen treats to take home or enjoy inside the restaurant. The delicious and refreshing menu features Greek, frozen, cone, take-home Pinkberry and waffle cookies. The Pinkberry Greek contains fresh, all natural and non-fat ingredients. Try delightful toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, cinnamon honey, vanilla agave and/or granola to your snack for added flavors. Stop by the Yogurt Bar for an original, chocolate hazelnut, mango, pomegranate or grapefruit sweet and tangy tasting treat.

Pinkberry Coupons 2014

Pinkberry Club members are offered specials and free desserts on birthdays. Purchases are recorded electronically each time members buy a menu item. The best way to show customers appreciation of loyalty is with the rewards program. Occasionally members are emailed printable coupons and offers.