Peet's Coffee & Tea Coupons

Peets Coffee Coupons 2014

Peets Coffee store was founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California. The Holland native opened his coffee store in 1966. He created his own Holland coffee and tea flavors in the United States that became a favorite to American coffee lovers. Peets Coffee store and café market a selection of premium coffees, teas, gifts, and equipment. There are over 190 stores in California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois and Washington.

Peets Coffee Menu Items

Peets coffee menu items includes iced coffee, Espresso, decaf coffee, roasted coffee, hot chocolate, cakes, oatmeal, cakes, pastries and other delightful items. Prepared fresh in Peets stores, are iced raspberry matcha, vanilla matcha latte, cookies and all other baked goods. The café menu items are served for breakfast and anytime of the day. There are selection of beverages, snacks and desserts to enjoy in the morning or afternoon. The café and store also offers coffees, single cups, Africa & Arabia and tea.

Peets Coffee Coupons 2014

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