Pat & Oscars Coupons

Pat & Oscar’s Coupons 2014

Pat & Oscar’s was originally established as Oscar’s Restaurant in California in 1991. After expansion in the early 2000s, the chain changes its name to Pat & Oscars to avoid trademark conflicts. Some locations are called O’s American Kitchen.

Today, there are 20 Pat & Oscar’s locations in California.

Pat & Oscar’s Menu Items

Pat & Oscar’s serves lunch and dinner, including pizza; pasta bowls; hot and cold sandwiches, including pitas and paninis, and entrees such as roasted chicken and baby back ribs. Soups, salads and breadsticks are also on the menu, as well as meals for 2, 4, and 6 people. Kids’ menu, catering, and take-out are available.

Pat & Oscar’s Coupons 2014

The Pat & Oscar’s eClub offers coupons and promotions. To sign up, go to and click on “Join Our Club” at the top of the page.