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Pasta Pomodoro Coupons 2014

Pasta Pomodoro was opened in San Francisco, California in 1994. The restaurant was a local favorite for customers in the area and became very popular to Italian cuisine lovers. The chef prepares a diversity of menu items for health conscience individuals and those people who enjoy Italian pasta cuisines. The menu includes healthy kid’s options as well. The atmosphere while dining in Pasta Pomodoro is suitable for couples and families with children.

Pasta Pomodoro Menu Items

The Pasta Pomodoro menu features desserts, appetizers, entrees, sides, and pizzas. For starters, try one of the appetizers, followed by a Siciliane, Bolognese, capellini, fettuccine Alfredo, lasagna, or ravioli classic dish. Include a broccoli, farro, castello, asparagi, or cavolini side with your meal. The menu dessert item includes the delicious budino di pane; which is warm bread pudding with butterscotch sauce and fresh whipped cream.

Pasta Pomodoro Coupons 2014

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