Panda Express Coupons

Panda Express Coupons 2014

Panda Bear Inn, owned by Andrew Cherng, was the introduction people of Pasadena, California in 1973 needed to appreciate the robust flavors of Mandarin and Szechuan cooking. Inspired by the success of the full service restaurant, the Panda Express, a fast serve Chinese food concept was immediately welcomed,. The quick service phenomenon grew across America. Today, Panda Express serves their delicious Asian cuisine at over 1000 locations.

Panda Express Menu Items

Chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables make up the four core categories for Panda Express meals. They offer many varieties of cooking sauces that infuse spicy, sweet or tangy flavors into each dish. Side dishes, desserts and refreshing beverages are also available to choose from on their menu. At Panda Express, they are healthy aware and provide nutritional information for those conscious of dietary concerns. Always served hot, fresh and made with wholesome ingredients, Panda Express continues to satisfy millions of customers with their delicious Asian inspired meals.

Panda Express Coupons

People looking for the best value for their money choose Panda Express. Specials and discounts are often advertised at their locations and printable coupons can be found online. Coupons are also made available through mail out promotions.

Panda Express is an easy way to eat delicious, affordably priced Mandarin and Szechuan foods on the go.