Mimi's Cafe Coupons

Mimi's Café Coupons 2014

Mimi’s Café is a well-loved casual restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a New Orleans setting. Its founder, American airman named Arthur J. Simms, had fallen in love with the food and friendliness of the French people during World War II, and these memories fueled his desire to re-create them in 1978. Mimi’s Café was born.

Evoking the warmth of neighborhood bistros, Mimi’s Café is rich with the aromas of café au lait, fresh-baked breads and hearty meals, and lively with family gatherings, plus casual get-togethers over beer and wine. Mimi’s café has a certain charm to go with its food, and a comfort level to match its cuisine. In a word, it’s a perfect setting.

Mimi's Café Menu Items

Mimi’s Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with an irresistible selection of brunch items. Inspired by the casual style of the French countryside, Mimi’s Café offers a delicious array of hearty, seasonal entrees along with killer desserts - all with that touch of France. It’s pretty hard to choose from items like chicken pot pie, filet mignon, Atlantic salmon or seared pork chops, served up with fabulous sides like sautéed mushrooms, baby baked potatoes or garlicky spinach. The breakfast menu is as full of goodies as a typical dessert menu: Try the mixed berry crepes, crab cake Florentine benedict, or their famous carrot raisin nut loaf.

Mimi's Café Coupons 2014

Mimi’s Cafe keeps up with its discount-savvy clientele by offering coupons and rewards online. Sign up for Mimi’s E-Club for a free 4-pack of classic muffins just for joining, and visit their Facebook page for other discount offers.

To find discount coupons for Mimi’s Café’s, see their official website at www.mimiscafe.com, and like their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mimiscafe.