Medieval Times Coupons

Medieval Times Coupons 2014

In 1973, Medieval Times opened its doors in Spain serving the best dinners with entertainment. The Dinner and Tournament Company expanded the best entertaining restaurants in the world. There are establishments in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Canada, Illinois, Maryland and California. People of all ages enjoy the tournament entertainment while dining in Medieval Times. The dinner menu consists of flavorful items and beverage specials.

Medieval Times Menu Items

The most exciting dinner to experience is found on Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament menu. Enjoy a delightful roasted chicken or spare rib entrée with herb potatoes and other sides. The restaurant features a bar to order beverages with meals. The menu presents items for those patrons who prefer only veggie meals. Families and couples can save on items during promotions with coupons and special offers.

Medieval Times Coupons 2014

Medieval Times offer printable coupons and discounts to consumers when joining the King’s Court Club. Members are informed of upcoming offers, events and other rewards. Customers receive free admission if optional information is provided such as, your birthday. The birthday offers can be used any day of the week of the customer’s birthday. The birthday specials are only available with membership to the King’s Court Club and providing birth dates.