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Luby’s Coupons 2014

Bob Luby and his cousin George R. Johnson opened the first Luby’s Cafeteria in San Antonio, Texas, in 1947, shortly after returning from his World War II service. Luby, who grew up in the cafeteria business in Missouri, dreamed of running a chain of affordable cafeterias serving good food with good service. By 1959, there were nine Luby’s Cafeterias in Texas. The company went public in 1973.

Today, there are 95 Luby’s Cafeteria locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, with most in Texas.

Luby’s Menu Items

Luby’s menu varies from location to location and day to day. To see the current menu for your nearest location, go to and click on Menu. Menu items include chicken, fish and beef entrees, salads, soups, and side dishes, with combo meals, value meals, and a daily Manager’s Special. Light options and a kids’ menu are available.

Luby’s Coupons 2014

The Luby’s E-Club offers coupons and promotions. To sign up, go to and click on “eClub.”