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Back in 1981 a freak snowstorm in Atlanta, Georgia stranded motorists - and they found themselves welcomed by the local steakhouse restaurant owner George McKerrow. People began talking about the exceptional steaks grilled there, and the success of Longhorn Steakhouse took flight. With close to 450 locations across U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada, people are still talking about the legend of Longhorn Steakhouse.

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Never frozen, always fresh steak is the pride of Longhorn Steakhouse. Customers know they will receive the cut they want, cooked how they like it. Grilled chicken, ribs and seafood are also expertly prepared for customers to enjoy. Fresh warm bread, salad, soup and other complimentary sides are served, and taste tempting desserts cap off a perfect meal.

Longhorn Steakhouse Coupons

Specials and discounts are offered to customers at the Longhorn Steakhouse website and through their social connections. Printable coupons and other types of coupons are available so watch for them in traditional print media and by searching online.

At Longhorn Steakhouse, they have a passion for grilling, seasoning and marinating - serving up robust flavourful foods, consistently tender steak cuts and fall off the bone ribs. When craving steak, there is no other place like Longhorns Steakhouse.