Leeann Chin Coupons

Leeann Chin Coupons 2014

Leeann Chin was a seamstress who enjoyed hosting dinner parties to thank her clients. Her cooking was so popular that people started asking her to cater parties. She became a popular cooking teacher and eventually opened her first restaurant in Minnetonka, Minnesota in 1980. Leeann Chin’s is a Chinese-style fast food buffet restaurant that serves as an alternative to typical American fast food places and Chinese take-out shops, with a more contemporary feel than either.

Today there are 40 Leeann Chin locations in Minnesota.

Leeann Chin’s Menu Items

Leeann Chin serves lunch and dinner for dine-in and take-out. Options include chicken beef, and shrimp by the pint or quart with a choice of white or brown rice, as well as specialty dishes such as Red Thai Chicken, Grilled Bourbon Chicken, and Mongolian Chicken. Starters include pot stickers, egg rolls, and oyster wings (chicken wings in oyster sauce). Leeann Chin also specializes in Red Cherry Frozen Yogurt, and sauces may be purchased by the bottle. An Under 400-Calorie menu and gluten-free options are available.

Leeann Chin Coupons 2014

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