KFC Coupons

KFC Coupons 2014

Many have seen and adored the smiling, grandfatherly figure of the KFC logo, and they can’t help but be attracted to the restaurant’s startling color. Also, its vibrant atmosphere undoubtedly provides a refreshing feeling once you enter into the restaurant and upon leaving KFC, a smile matching that of Colonel Sanders will definitely form on your lips.

KFC and its History

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the few trusted American restaurants which still remain in business up to this day. The restaurant has become so successful that you could almost see KFC in every corner of many U.S. states. KFC’s story started with Colonel Harlem Sanders as the lone cook who created the original chicken recipe more than 70 years ago. Unfortunately, KFC has acquired so many expansions that Colonel Sanders sold it to a corporation headed by John Brown, Jr. and Jack Massey in 1964. KFC is now a sister company of Yum! Brands. As of 2012, the company has already expanded to over 18,000 restaurants located in 120 countries.

KFC’s Menu and Coupons 2014

KFC’s well-loved menu items include variations of chicken recipe, such as Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Hot Wings and Extra Crispy Tenders. Their mouth-watering sandwiches include Doublicious and Chicken Littles. What’s more is that their menu also offers side dishes, including mashed potatoes, coleslaw, mac and cheese, wedges, green beans, biscuits, whole kernel corn and corn on the cob. For desserts, they have chocolate chip cake and chocolate chip cookie.

You may also visit www.kfc.com for a complete list of their menu items, and sign up for the latest news and other exclusive deals, specials and discounts. Their website also allows you to search for available coupons in your area. If you want an immediate access to these printable coupons, feel free to visit various websites on the Internet offering the same, and enjoy those limited offers on your favorite snacks and meals.

Order now, and be one of millions testifying to the goodness of KFC, hence the company’s slogan, “So good.”