Juice It Up Coupons

Juice It Up Coupons 2014

Franchise restaurant, Juice It Up serves the best refreshing all natural smoothies. With more than one hundred restaurants in California, Texas, New York or Arizona; it has become popular among people of all ages. The special ingredients used to make the smoothies include, fresh fruit juices, non-fat yogurt, sherbet and supplements. Juice It Up objective for its recipes was to include fresh ingredients and squeezed fresh fruit juices with nutrients for healthy drink alternatives.

Juice It Up Menu Items

Juice It Up restaurant serves Acai bowls with banana, apple juice, granola and honey. The menu includes energizer, immune booster, detoxify, heart, refresh and alert smoothies. Only fresh pineapples, cucumbers, celery, carrot, grapes, spinach and other natural ingredients are used to prepare your favorite smoothie beverage. The smoothies are rich with minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients to keep the body healthy. Treat yourself to a smoothie drink at a restaurant nearest you.

Juice It Up Coupons 2014

Juice It Up offers Smoothie Cards and a Smoothie E-Club for members to join. The Smoothie Cards are available at most locations. Join the Smoothie E-Club to receive discounts and specials just by providing your contact information. One of the benefits of becoming a member is having printable coupons emailed to your email address. Other benefits include birthday and anniversary gifts and special coupons when new smoothies are introduced.