Extreme Pizza Coupons

Extreme Pizza Coupons 2014

Todd Parent and Michael Pastor opened the first Extreme Pizza location in San Francisco, California in 1994. They wanted to offer an alternative to run-of-the-mill pizza joints and fast food restaurants. Extreme Pizza’s healthier gourmet pizza and its “extreme, not mainstream” philosophy was an instant hit.

Extreme Pizza remains a privately held company with franchises that have brought the chain outside of Northern California to locations across the country, from Texas to Michigan to Delaware. Extreme Pizza has 30 locations in the US and one in Ireland.

Extreme Pizza’s Menu Items

Extreme Pizza is known for its unique gourmet pizzas, with toppings such as hoisin pulled pork, roasted walnuts, roasted potatoes, and hummus, with names like Holy Cow!, Poultry Geist, Hanoi Fever, and Yard Sale. Traditional toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms are also available for the less daring. Extreme also offers calzones, wings, and gourmet salads. Beer, wine and cocktails are served. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, low fat, and kid-friendly options are available.

Extreme Pizza Coupons 2014

Extreme Pizza locations offer online coupons on their individual websites. To find a coupon for your location, go to extremepizza.com, click on “Promotions,” and select your location. Coupons are under “Local Deals.” Extreme also has an email club that offers a coupon for $5 off an order of $20 or more and other deals and promotions. To join, click on “Savings Club” on the home page.