Eegees Coupons

Eegee’s Coupons 2014

Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg are the founders of Eegee’s restaurant which began as a vending truck business in 1971. The original lemon Eegee’s slush became a popular seller then and the truck business transformed to a successful restaurant. There are over twenty-one locations that offer frozen fruit drinks in a variety of flavors; sandwiches; and baked goods. Eegee’s is known for its famous fruit slush drinks that are offered in 10 ounce up to 44 ounce cups.

Eegee’s Menu Items

The Eegee’s menu items include sandwiches, salads, fries, and drinks. The sandwiches and subs are served with turkey, ham, meatball, salami, veggies, tuna or pizza. Try the 3-feet subs, hotdog or chili dog. The fresh salads are available in Garden, Tuna, Chef, and Antipasto. Include pretzel and/or fries with your salad, sandwich, or sub. Other side items are potato chips and chili.

Eegee’s Coupons 2014

Visit the Eegee's website to download printable coupons. Receive specials and discounts on the fun pak and other promotional offers. Check online regularly to see what items are accessible with coupons and special offers. Eegee’s occasionally promote new flavors of fruity slush drinks. The combo and kid’s meal specials help consumers to save money while enjoying a delicious sandwich with chips and beverage.