Eat N Park Coupons

Eat‘n Park Coupons 2014

Eat’n Park began in 1949 when Larry Hatch and a group of Pittsburgh investors opened the first location, featuring 10 carhops who served the customers their meals in their cars. Over the years, the popular restaurant grew and expanded and evolved into a full-service casual dining restaurant. Just as Eat’n Park worked to keep up with times in the 1950s with its car-focused service, it has changed over the years to stay current with tastes and trends. Although there are no longer car hops and diners sit in the restaurant, not their cars, it has kept its original, nostalgic name.

Today, Eat’n Park has over 75 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Eat‘n Park’s Menu Items

Eat’n Park serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight meals, including buffets for weekend breakfast, Sunday brunch, the Tuesday Senior special, and Midnight buffets at select locations. Specialties include the Smilie Belgian waffles, fresh-made chips, breaded zucchini, Black Angus burgers, a variety of sandwiches including a gourmet grilled cheese, salads, pastas, seafood and chicken dishes, and classic comfort food options such as meat loaf and liver and onions. Bakery items include breakfast pastries and Eat’n Park’s signature Smilie cookies. Eat’n Park offers a kids’ menu, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, lower sodium, lower fat and calories, and smaller portion menus.

Eat‘n Park Coupons 2014

Eat’n Park’s e-club offers coupons and promotions, including a gift for joining, a birthday gift, and an anniversary gift for married members. To sign up, go to and click on “Join” under E-Club.