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Dairy Queen Coupons 2014

It was back in 1940 when the 1st Dairy Queen opened their doors in Joliet, Illinois. Since then, they have been iconic in their franchising abilities, while continuing to provide exceptional service and delicious frozen treats to their customers. They now have over 6000 locations in the U.S. Canada and Internationally. Serving customers delicious food with a focus on consistently high standards of customer service has been key to their success.

Dairy Queen Menu Items

Though they are still most famous for their soft serve ice cream treats, banana splits, Blizzards, ice cream cakes and other frozen treats - Dairy Queen in many locations offers a wide selection of other menu items. These include burgers, fries, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps and more. Most recently, they have added world famous Orange Julius smoothies to their menu to tempt customers with a healthy and delicious cold treat.

Dairy Queen Coupons 2014

Customers often receive specials and discount promotions through print promotions, and printable coupons are also available online through the Dairy Queen website. Coupons are a great way to enjoy the great taste of Dairy Queen while keeping the cost low.

Whether looking for a delicious frozen treat, or a satisfying meal, Dairy Queen is the perfect choice for customers young and young at heart.