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Cold Stone Creamery Coupons 2014

Donald and Susan Sutherland opened the first Cold Stone Creamery in Tempe, Arizona in 1988, with a goal to provide “fresh and personalized” ice cream to consumers. The “cold stone” refers to the mixing surface, upon which superpremiun ice cream is blended with the customer’s choice of mix-ins. The concept was a hit, and in 1995 the company began franchising.

By 2006, Cold Stone Creamery had grown to over 1,350 locations in the U.S., Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico and Guam. The number of locations has more than doubled since then.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Menu Items

Ice cream is at the heart of Stone Cold Creamery’s menu, with custom options known as “The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience. Customers can order their own creations or one of the popular signature ice cream creations, such as Oreo Overload, Chocolate Devotion, or Cheesecake Fantasy, served in waffle bowls. Other offerings include ice cream sundaes and warm desserts such as Chocolate Lava Meltdown. Cold Stone Creamery also sells ice cream cakes, cupcakes and cookie sandwiches, shakes and smoothies, and yogurt and sorbet.

Cold Stone Creamery Coupons 2014

Cold Stone Creamery offers a “Two Creations for the Price of One” coupon for signing up for their Eclub. Members also receive a “Buy One Creation, Get One Free” coupon on their birthdays. The Eclub sends out special offers, promotions, and opportunities to win prizes on a regular basis. To join the Stone Cold Creamery Eclub, go to and click on “Eclub”