Cinnabon Coupons

Cinnabon Coupons 2014

The first Cinnabon Bakery was opened in December of 1985 in Sea Tac Mall in Washington. The bakery can now be found worldwide including the United States and 47 other countries. There are over nine hundred restaurants that serve baked goods, grocery items and beverages. Founders Rich and Greg Komen created one the world’s best tasting cinnamon rolls using cinnamon imported form Indonesia.

Cinnabon Menu Items

Who can resist Cinnabon baked goods including the classic cinnabon rolls, minibon, cinnabon bites, caramel pecan, stix and centers of cinnabon rolls? The baked goods are delicious with a creamy or tangy Chillatta. Other flavors to try are the chocolate mocha, tropical, banana & strawberry and strawberry. The chilled beverages are tasty treats alone or with any baked goods. The tangy flavors are offered in lemon, mango & orange, and raspberry flavors.

Cinnabon Coupons 2014

Fans of Cinnabon can keep updated about news and promotions on Face book and Twitter. Follow the store and know when selected items are offered with discounts and coupons. Customers can find printable coupons online on a variety of websites. Menu specials are sometimes offered on beverage and menu items. Cinnabon establishments can be located in various malls and shopping centers throughout the United States and internationally.