Chuys Coupons

Chuy’s Coupons 2014

Mike Young and John Zapp founded Chuy’s in Austin, Texas in 1982. With its funky decor (no two Chuy’s are the same) and traditional/creative Mexican and Tex/Mex menu, Chuy’s gained a following, and began expanding all across Texas.

Chuy’s is ever-expanding, and aims to open more locations in the Southeast and beyond.

Chuy’s Menu Items

Chuy’s specialties include “Big as Yo’ Face” Burritos, chile rellenos, enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, Chuychangas, and tortilla soup. Tortillas are hand-rolled, and salsa fresca is made hourly. Seven homemade signature sauces are available, from mild tomatillo to hot green chile. Other menu options include salads, meal combos, and a variety of appetizers. Light options are available.

Chuy’s Coupons 2014

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