Chin Chin Coupons

Chin Chin Coupons 2014

Chin Chin is a Chinese chain of restaurants located in California and Nevada. The first restaurant was opened in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Consumers can find restaurants in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Studio City and West Hollywood, California and in Las Vega, Nevada. Chin Chin serves Chinese cuisines made from traditional recipes from China and other Asian areas. The restaurants provide friendly services and offers entrees at affordable prices for take out and delivery orders.

Chin Chin Menu Items

The Chin Chin menu consists of many items including entrees, salads, soups, chicken beef and desserts. If you are health conscience, try the Chinese chicken, Asian pear, or Sesame chicken salads. The hot & sour, won ton, noodle and corn soups are other dietary options on the menu. If you enjoy meats, the tangerine, almond, curry, sweet & sour, cashew or orange chicken are delicious. Other meats include BBQ ribs, Mongolian beef, tangerine beef and spicy garlic beef.

Chin Chin Coupon Offers 2014

The coupon offers for 2014 at Chin Chin are attainable online to receive up to $5.00 off any purchases of $20 to $25 or more. Printable coupons can be found on websites with some research. There are locations that offer specials and discounts up to 50% off dinner entrees and sometimes free meals. The family can enjoy a healthy meal at low prices at selected Chin Chin restaurants.