Carvel Coupons

Carvel Coupons 2014

Greek immigrant Athanassios Karvelas, better known as Tom Carvel, began selling ice cream out of an old truck in the early 1930s in Westchester, New York. After selling out of melting ice cream one Memorial Day weekend, he began to develop soft ice cream. After World War II, Carvel perfected his soft-serve ice cream machine, which he began selling to independent businesspeople along with his name and expertise, creating what would eventually be known as franchising. Carvel was the first company to sell ice cream in vending machines, and the first to feature its CEO in radio and television commercials.

Carvel Ice Cream has over 500 locations in 25 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Canada, Aruba, the Middle East and South Africa.

Carvel’s Products

Carvel’s soft-serve ice cream is still the central product, sold in cones, cups, Flying Saucer sandwiches, sundaes and shakes, as well as in Carvel’s popular ice cream cakes for all occasions, including their signature “Cookie Puss” and “Fudgie the Whale.” Carvel also offers “Carvelogs,” layers of ice cream, cookies, and fudge, in Coffee Toffee Crunch, Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Crunch. Hand-dipped ice cream is also available.

Carvel Coupons 2014

Carvel offers printable web coupons on their site, Click on “Products,” then select a product from the list and click on “Click Here to download a special coupon.” Website coupons include $2 off a cake and $2 off a package of Flying Saucer ice cream sandwiches. Customers also receive a Buy One Get One Free coupon for signing up for the Fudgie Fanatics, an email club that sends out information on special promotions. To sign up and receive the printable coupon, go to and click on “Fudgie Fanatics.”