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Carrow’s Coupons 2014

David G. Nancarrow opened Carrow’s Hickory Chip Restaurant in Santa Clara, California in 1970. Now simply called Carrow’s the chain, a part of the Catalina Restaurant Group, was acquired by Zensho in 2006.

Today there are more than sixty locations in California and one in Arizona.

Carrow’s Menu Items

Carrow’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with specialties such as hand-made pancakes and waffles, Mile High sandwiches and burgers, Tex Mex Chicken, Classic Meat Loaf, and their signature Prime Rib. Other menu items include fresh salads, appetizers, and desserts, including a selection of pies and cakes. Wine and beer are available. Gluten-free options, a kids’ menu, and a senior menu are available.

Carrow’s Coupons 2014

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