Blackjack Pizza Coupons

Blackjack Pizza Coupons 2014

In 1983, Vince Schmul, a former Domino’s Pizza employee, opened his first Blackjack Pizza in Federal Heights, Colorado. At the time, it was the other option for home-delivered pizza in the greater Denver area. By 1986, there were 7 locations, including the first franchise location. Blackjack gained its success by offering a higher quality pizza at a lower price, while matching Domino’s quick delivery times.

Today, Blackjack has 45 locations in 5 states.

Blackjack Pizza’s Menu Items

Blackjack offers pizza with three crust options, four sauce options (marinara, garlic oil, green chile, and barbecue), three cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, and feta), and a variety of toppings. Specialty pizzas include Western BBQ Chicken, Full House, Mediterranean Chicken, and Natural veggie. Other menu items include wings, salads, CheeseBread, and CinnaBread.

Blackjack Pizza Coupons 2014

Blackjack offers coupons right on its website,, such as one large 5-topping pizza for $10.99 or a large 2-topping pizza and a salad for $12.99. To access coupons, click on “Coupons/Specials” at the top of the home page. Blackjack also sends coupons by email to its e-club members. To join the e-club, click on “Get Coupons in Your Inbox” on the home page.