Benihana Coupons

Benihana Coupons

Benihana Coupons 2014

Benihana Japanese Steakhouse Restaurant was founded by wrestler, Hiroaki Aoki, known in the United States as Rocky Aoki in 1964. The Florida restaurant chain has more than one hundred franchise establishments in the U.S., Canada, Panama, Aruba, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries. Benihana began with its first restaurant in New York City, New York and for almost fifty years served Japanese hibachi steaks. Make a reservation to taste mouth-watering steak, chicken, seafood and vegetables to sushi dishes and other Japanese favorites. Customers may reserve seating online and check out coupons, specials and discounts that maybe offered at the time.

Benihana - Menu Items

The Benihana’s menu contains Teppanyaki & Sushi entrées, appetizers, desserts, seafood, salads, vegetables and rolls. Teppanyaki, also known as Japanese hibachi is available with steak & chicken, filet mignon, teriyaki steak & chicken, Chateaubriand and spicy chicken. Hibachi entrées are also available with lobster tails, grilled shrimp, tuna steak, salmon and scallop. Customers who want even healthier entrées can select from the menu salads, vegetables, noodles and tofu. Each meal can end with a Benihana’s dessert offered on the menu; chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, green tea ice cream, and sherbet.

Benihana Specials

Join Benihana’s Kabuki program online and receive a $30 birthday certificate during birth month. Children are eligible to sign up to the kabuki program as well. There are coupons, specials and discounts offered on various sites online and the chef’s specials is offered weekly on certain menu items. Call or visit Benihana’s website to make reservations and inquire about the chef’s special for the day. With moderate efforts, customers can find printable coupons online.