Applebee's Coupons

Applebee's Coupons

Applebee’s Coupons 2014

Nearly three decades ago, Applebee’s opened a family oriented restaurant, focusing on quality food and great service. Their commitment to continuing the tradition of pleasing their guests, and offering delicious foods intended to be enjoyed with the company of family and friends, has made them the world’s largest casual dining chain - now operating nearly 2000 restaurants across the U.S., Canada and Internationally.

Applebee’s Menu Items

Applebee’s menu is designed to appeal to the masses. They offer crowd favorites such as burgers, pasta and seafood in addition to rich and flavorful beef, chicken and pork menu items. For those with dietary concerns, Applebee’s is an excellent choice as they provide nutritional and allergen information about all of their menu items. The consistency of Applebee’s service standards, comfortable restaurant styling and above all their unforgettably tasty meals, makes them a popular choice for customers that want great food at a fair price.

Applebee’s Specials 2014

Customers often choose Applebee’s because they offer specials, discounts and printable coupons to help customers save money. Coupons can be a great way to make Applebee’s even more affordable for getting together with friends to share a meal and good times. Their website and social connections are just some of the ways to get access to money saving options.

Applebee’s offers sensational food at affordable prices - and is always enjoyed in the company of friends.